Thursday, November 29, 2012

Red Geraniums 16x12, oil on canvas.
Flowers can be a daunting subject for me.  I always seem to start off painting every petal then, after stepping back, I realize I've just sabotaged my entire concept by doing so.  

But enough red geraniums.  I picked the last of the wilted blooms and the final brown leaf.  My "Pink Room" is beginning to look like a retirement home for half dead potted plants.  :(  
( Pink Room - acquired the name when we laid pink carpet 18 years ago but has long since been replaced by laminate flooring.  Still goes by the name Pink Room though.  It's what we do.)

Onward and forward.  Something small today so I can feel good about myself before I leave for my workshop this weekend!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rose Spray

 Clay Pot #, 9x12 oil on canvas.
Like I said in the last post, I'm all about flowers now.  I've been painting so much that my studio wall is full and I'm running out of room to hang wet paintings.  I'm also getting a little stingy with my canvas so I'm painting over old paintings for my studies.  This painting was done on a matte board scrap.  I have no idea what will happen to it over time since I didnt even take the time to gesso it!  However, it served it's purpose.  I got to practice roses in various blooming stages and determine what needs changing before using up a good canvas!  :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Geraniums And Grapes

Geraniums And Grapes 18x18 oil on canvas.

I'm "branching out" now into florals (pun intended!).  Bear with me while I get a feel for these multifaceted props.    I've toyed with flowers in the past but this time I'm approaching them from a different perspective, so to speak; or better said, a different concept.  The painting above is clearly a light and shadow or chiaroscuro painting.  My idea was to have the light drift up from the table, travel up the planter and splash the geraniums on the left with the right side almost fully engulfed in shadow.  Lost edges with only a very few crisp and light edges against darks for contrast.  It's a quiet dance.  May I go so far as to say "sexy"?