Monday, October 20, 2014

Jazz Band

10x20 Oil on Canvas, $715

Ahhhh...  I call this painting Jazz Band for a reason.  It's not about apples.  Yes they are apples and guess what?  They are from my small orchard out back.  BUT - this painting is not an apple painting.  NOPE.  It's about ambience.

Consider them players in a scene.  Or in this case members in a band.  Corny?  Maybe.  It's the way I approach a painting though.  So I get an idea...  then hash it around for a while.. using still life for subjects.  Then I twist my goose-neck lamp to pieces trying to cast the appropriate shadow for my idea.  Take a relatively crappy photo of it - just in case the apples ripen and leaves dry out before the painting is done - which in this case happened. And get to work injecting whatever atmosphere is necessary to convey what's in my head.  Viola!

You see apples, I see big, ole, jazz band musicians on a dusky stage, thanking the crowd- they've been a great audience.

People used to say to me, "what's it like in your world Lori?'  Now you know.  :)

I really like this painting.  I consider it wildly successful.

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Sketches are done quickly to catch a particular lighting, time of day, mood and so on.  Sketches are initialed and unframed.

Studies are done from sketches applying information learned from the sketches.  Studies are initialed and unframed.

Finished gallery pieces  take considerably more time and effort applying what I've learned from the sketches and studies to enhance a particular concept.   Finished pieces are signed and framed.