Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Onion Study 1

Onion Study 1, 6x6, Oil on Canvas, Click to Bid

I was talking with an artist friend about staying motivated in the studio and the topic of weekly challenges came up. A challenge, called "The three amigos" happened to be near the top of the list on the Daily Paintworks site so we decided to give it a try. 

The challenge is basically to paint with 3 colors and white. My knee jerk reaction was to go with TOR, Prussian Blue and Yellow Ocher. That didnt pan out. I tried but I could not make it work with the subjects in front of me. Prussian can be a little hairy to work with anyway but I generally LOVE it with TOR. Not so much with Ocher. It wasnt happening. 

So... I went with TOR, Yellow Light (Utrechs yellow light which is deeper than the others, I think) and Ultramarine Blue Deep. And white. 

The result was a harmonious little painting that has the qualities I look for. Quiet. Meditative. And just enough "POP" but not an explosion. :)

I think I'll be doing more of these little challenges. I found myself experimenting and working through a few failures to SUCCESS!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Apple Study 2

Apple Study 2, 8x8, oil on Canvas, Click to Bid

This is the second study I did for "Bumper Crop" changing the background and keeping to a more analogous palette. I also thought it wise to play with the blossoms a little before attempting the larger painting. :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Apple Study 1

Apple Study 1, 6x8, Oil on canvas, Click to Bid

Like many people in my area I was overwhelmed with apples again. I scanned the internet regularly for NON DESSERT apple recipes but when it was all said and done, I froze 12 gallons and dehydrated 13 gallons with a few extra gallons for my peeps. I need a larger dehydrator. Mine ran non stop for a month.

Still, I had a basket full in my studio with an idea for a painting but wrestled with the background color - as usual. :)

This painting was a first study with a dull green background to contrast the red in the apples. 
I also want to add that after it was 'done' I wasnt satisfied and realized the white jar was too strong and competed with the apples. That was an "Ah-Ha!" moment. I went back and repainted the jar adding more atmosphere which sent it back somewhat. I'm much happier with it now and I really learned something. Now you know why I call them 'studies'! :)