Monday, December 30, 2013

Good Fortune

Good Fortune, 12x12, oil on canvas.
A recent interest in birds led me to incorporate them into my paintings.  Still, my focus is conceptual and more than pretty paintings my objective is to interpret a current emotion or frame of mind through painting. 
Feelings are abstract by and large.  Your interpretation of 'Good Fortune' may be a high key, light blue image. Mine remains a little darker still.  And simple.  What is a good fortune to you and to me may differ wildly. 
I just finished the book The Cure For The Common Life by Max Lucado which started some soul searching for my own 'sweet spot' as he puts it.  So far, I've discovered that I am, by nature, a deep thinker.  I like to research and test theories.
Enough said on that subject except that it is what drives my spin on artwork. 
I may have mentioned in an earlier post that a high school art teacher once said, anyone can draw a picture, it takes a REAL artist to put emotion into it.  Hmmm.   Real artist or not, I stand for hours daily, in front of an easel, imagining how to say what I feel with paint.