Thursday, September 08, 2011

Thistles 4 Going to Seed

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Thistles 4 - Going to Seed 6x6 oil on canvas. We moved our steer into my thistle field so I've lost my really good source for plump, fluffy thistles. The steer was bottle fed as a calf and behaves like a bad mannered puppy. The last time he chased me around the wheelbarrow was the last time he was going to chase me period! I no longer go into his field and so will have to find a new source for my little florals. He will only be a problem for a couple more weeks. After that....well, he goes where all fat steers are destined.


Karla said...

Lori, These thistle paintings just get better and better. I really like this one!

Lori Twiggs Original Oil Paintings said...

Thanks Karla! I love painting them but I work up a sweat setting them up!