Sunday, January 13, 2013

Black Seedless

Black Seedless, 6x6 oil on canvas.  click to bid

I've recently come to the conclusion that after several years of searching I now believe I know who a I am as a painter!  That is, I know what I connect with, what I gravitate to, what I know and most importantly, what I want out of a painting.

I remember the days when I painted anything at all that I could find to paint because I wanted to paint something!  Just get that brush wet!  I still get that way but now I find myself traveling down a frequently traveled road painting much the same way, similar subjects with quite possibly similar messages - whatever that is.   And I'm grateful for that.

I believe this is due to daily research through books, magazines (Southwest Art is a great one), internet and the occasional trips to galleries and museums.  Looking at a lot of really good art and finding myself somewhere in the mix. 

I highly recommend that anyone wanting to become a better anything to immerse themselves and focus on their interest rather than spread themselves over a variety of activities.  Remember the saying,  "A Jack of all trades and a master of none" ?

Well, it may be some time before I master this trade but I've come a long way and now I can finally see where I'm going!

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Mary Rochelle said...

I agree with you, wholeheartedly! But, for me, it is easier said than done as I struggle with maintaining a focus. I guess that is why doing a series helps.