Monday, November 24, 2014

The After Party

The After Party, 12x24, Oil on Canvas.  Currently at the Cole Gallery, Edmonds, WA.

Quiet but not silent, buzzing but not active.  A little ambiance and mystery.
I'm happy to say the gallery asked for this one (as well as the last post) so any interest in this painting  should be directed to the Cole Gallery in Edmonds, WA .

My studies and sketches are now for sale along with my finished gallery pieces! If you would like to be among the first to see what's up for grabs from my studio, join my list here:

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Sketches are done quickly to catch a particular lighting, time of day, mood and so on.  Sketches are initialed and unframed.

Studies are done from sketches applying information learned from the sketches.  Studies are initialed and unframed.

Finished gallery pieces  take considerably more time and effort applying what I've learned from the sketches and studies to enhance a particular concept.   Finished pieces are signed and framed.

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