Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Painting Makeover #1

Old version from 2011

New Version 2014

Pansy Tea, 8x8, Oil On Canvas, SOLD

I found myself re-organizing my artwork because it was once again beginning to take over my house. In the process I found a short stack of old pieces that I liked but really didnt represent my style at this point.  So --  what to do, what to do....  Hmmmm.

I got a wild hair and decided, what the heck, if they're just going to sit in a closet I might as well try re working them and see what they would look like in the manner I paint today!  Kind of risky.  I could ruin them all together.

I couldnt remember my palette at the time so I had to experiment a little but once I got that figured out the rest was CAKE!  :)  And great fun!

So here is the first makeover.  I am seriously recommending this to any artist out there with a closet of oldie, moldy but goldies.  (Or am I the only one?)  Yes, there is risk involved.  It could go south.  But it might not.  And it is a terrific exercise in self critique and execution!

So, what are you waiting for??  :)

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