Thursday, February 04, 2016

Twiggs Studio Original Oil Painting Study of Daisies

Study of Daisies, 6x6, Oil on canvas, Click to Bid

I have been working hard at my florals lately. My default is to get really tight because there are so many layers and so many colors and temperatures. I did a lot of scraping and wiping and starting over until I FINALLY started to see a looser, more impressionistic version of what was in front of me. 

One might think that impressionism is easier than realism because of the loose and sparse brushwork but it requires heavy duty editing - that is knowing what to keep in and what to leave out. 

Of course this matters in all paintings, realism, impressionism, abstract and the like, but it is the foundation of impressionism. Because, after all, I am just trying to give the impression of daisies, not a photo version of them! 

Ironically, it takes me longer to get that fresh loose brush stroke than it does to render each petal individually. However, with more practice, I hope to be able to wrap my head around the complexity of these little buggers and master them!

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