Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Twiggs Studio * Study of Pink Tulips

Study of Pink Tulips, 8x8 Oil on Canvas, Click to Bid

My study of tulips is rapidly coming to a close as tulips are being replaced by daffodils (most likely my next study).  However, I've been able to gleen what I can from the last few experiences (and I will admit that you dont get to see them all - yikes!).     Those experiences have helped me with a slightly larger piece which I will be unveiling soon.  

And I HAVE learned something.  I'm learning to paint a little more boldly and a little more confidently.  I'm learning that it's okay to trash a canvas that doesnt work out like I'd hoped but I've also learned that you dont know if you dont try, right?  Right?

I've also learned that red tulips last longer if I put them in the mini fridge overnight and pink tulips open up in a matter of minutes - so take a picture because they will also lean to the light before the project is finished.  Heaven forbid I have to come back the next day to work on any of them because they are completely different flowers by then!  :)

Tulips are pretty even if they are short lived as cut flowers.  But as the first breath of spring, they are worth the effort in the studio.  

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