Saturday, December 01, 2012

Another Geranium Painting

Red Geraniums 2.

Last Geranium painting, I promise... maybe.  I'm preparing for my workshop by painting hot and dirty all week.  Something I should be doing every week but continually found myself distracted by errands and tasks that, for whatever reason, came first.  Not so this week though.  I'm out in the studio early and take few breaks.

I had a goal. Have a goal.  My goal is to have a goal.  That is, I've allowed myself to tread water until the end of Dec but by the end of Dec I will have a plan.  I have several pots simmering on the stove but only for a little while longer.  Then I will have to choose one and go with it. 

Funny thing about goals.  They resemble ambition.  And ambition is only a faint memory to me these days.  It's easy to be ambitious in my big comfy chair curled up with a Seth Godin book but putting it into action means taking risks and I'm plum out of risk.  But that doesnt matter anymore because I'm also plum out of status quo.   So this is kind of an exciting time for me.  I'll be turning  a corner, trying something new, taking risks, so on and so forth.

Remember the definition of insanity:  Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

ERGO - I'll be jumping off the insanity swing.  It's entirely possible I'll fall a few times.  Scratch my knees or whatever but having a goal will mean getting back up and trying it again - differently.  Hopefully with fewer falls.  But whatever, the falls are part of the ride, right?


Karla said...

Live, love this one Lori!! Will be interested in hearing about your new adventure.

Twiggs Original Oil Paintings said...

Ha ha! Me too! Thanks Karla :)