Monday, December 03, 2012

Apple Pear Quad, 4 6x6's oil on canvas.
So I had this idea.  Do something small.  Something easy.  Something with instant gratification.  Well, I got the small part right.  It started with a single pear on a 6x6.  But in truth, nothing is ever easy.  If it were I would get horribly bored, almost immediately, and go eat soup.

My last painting, which I refuse to post online, was a good idea in the beginning but grew into the incredible Hulk.  I got lost in the zone and my pears grew to abnormally large proportions and thus the whole painting took on an Amazon, grotesque, disfigurement.  So I thought, lets start over. This time in baby steps.  And thus, my little quad.

My newest epiphany:  never go larger than life. :(

The easy part got lost in translation.  Sure, it's just a pear.  But it's a pear with several colorations each in light and shadow.  Meaning each coloration must have a light, shadow, and varying degrees of each in order to produce the orbital or pearish shape.  The leaves I veered from reality and pushed the color from blue-greens towards orange-green.  And then I set it all back, hopefully giving it some depth on a little 6x6, by using a darker version of the foreground in the background. 

Then the small part was sacrificed when I decided to do a tiny series.  Yikes.  One of the apples originally had apple blossoms which were executed beautifully but looked horrible in context so I scraped and re-painted.  Thus, the instant gratification was sacrificed altogether.

So my idea morphed.   Happily, into a better idea!  :)

Oh well, so much for that.  Now I have another idea...

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Ann said...

I absolutely love your style-- so loose and such vibrant color. I'll be following your blog and looking forward to many more!