Monday, February 25, 2013

Gerbera Daisies, 20x16, oil on canvas.
This dramatic still life was one of the larger works holding up my regular postings of my smaller, 6x6 paintings.  I did most of this painting from a photo and had to manipulate the light a bit in order to put "my spin" on it. 

Thinking a painting through before the brush touches the canvas is becoming a regular part of my repertoire.  You'll find me alone in my studio, sitting my my chair, often without the radio playing, simply looking at my props and/or photos considering possible outcomes.  What do I want from this painting?  How can I play it?  And the big question:  How much Transparent Oxide Red do I have left??? 


Rochelle Cathey said...

This is elegant and well worth the time you spent thinking it through.

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