Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pansies and Tin

Pansies & Tin, 16x12 oil on canvas

This recent painting taught me the value of color temperature.  The background was done with prussian blue and transparent oxide red (my two favs).  My first foreground was a cool mix and very light.  I scraped and explored several options until I landed on this one.  Eureka! My intention was to bring attention to the foreground.  BAM!  There she is!  So in fact, the placement of warm and cool colors can play significant roles if you think them through.
To bad I dont use blue in my house...


Mary Rochelle said...

Gorgeous colors and a beautiful luminosity overall. Well done, Lori!

Victoria Vika said...

Unbelievable paintings,very natural. I liked your colors and texture.