Monday, January 18, 2016

Speed Painting Jalapenos

Jalapeno Study, 6x6, Oil on Canvas

Ahhhhh... Speed painting.  I debated for some time about doing videos.  I knew there would be a learning curve and most likely new equipment.  So much involved.  So much to learn.  So much time in front of the computer.

Finally, this weekend I dove in.  It turns out I HAVE the equipment.  Or equipment that will work for now.  And I HAVE the software already! 2 different versions of video editing software.  So the only reason not to was the learning curve and all that time AWAY from the studio.

Some people may have waited until they produced a professional quality video but I say, "No time like the present!"   I learned so much about making a video this weekend that I'm pretty happy with myself - and a little fried.  It is what it is.  Like my artwork, it will grow and morph as I grow and morph.  :)

Making the video:

After I got the camera set up and I was ready to go I instantly froze with stage shock.  I've painted in front of people before.  It's not like I'm singing a solo at a concert or anything, right?  RIGHT???  Then I told myself, "Hey.  Nobody has to see this.  If it's a wiper, then so be it.  I start over."  It took a little while for me to convince myself  of that but once I got going I forgot about the camera.  Then I took a little turn and found myself picking at the painting.  Picking, re-doing, re-painting...  Sheesh.

I finally stepped away from the piece for the last time and looked at the painting.  Then I looked at the set up.  Painting.  Set up.  Painting.  Set up.  I had moved my easel while I was adjusting the camera and so my angle to the set up had changed.  Good grief.  I was so excited to get started, the composition (THE COMPOSITION!) got lost in the process.

Okay, what's next? Editing.

It took me hours upon hours to learn the 2 different software programs I have.  I googled.  I went onto forums.  I asked my FB friends.  One program would do one thing I wanted but not the other and vice versa.

At the end of the day (literally), I discovered how to utilize much of Sony Vegas and was able to put together what you now have before you.  Yep.  Hours and Hours and hours...  That's how I roll.

And so, you see, it cant be for nothing.  I have to show it.  I have quite a bit of time invested.  Not to mention emotional investment.  All the "AArrgg"s  and "Are you kidding me??"s as well as the "Holy Smokes!  It worked!" and "Yippee"s .   I guess this dogs not to old to learn new tricks!  :)

Aaaaannnd  I took notes. Lots and lots of notes.    :)
I'm hoping my next attempt will go much smoother.  It was actually pretty fun - now that it's behind me.

And just for fun, I'm offering the painting for $1 to my newsletter subscribers.   I plan to do more of these little videos with similar offers.  If that sounds interesting to you, head over to my website and put your email in the newsletter sign up page

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