Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Pink Carnations on Red - Floral Oil Painting...

Study of Carnations on Red, 8x8 Oil on canvas, Click to Bid

​This time I went bolder with the background just to see what would happen.  I used my deep red drape for my set up wondering how pink on red would pan out.  Then I pushed the light to give it that little glow.

It certainly made a bolder statement.  A little sexier then the previous painting.  This one might even work in a bachelor pad where as the previous one, in my opinion, was a bit softer and more feminine.  
It looks great against my buttery - parchmenty colored walls and it sends a completely different message than the last one.  The carnation is facing forward sends a bold, in your face, I'm trying to tell you something - message.   

Maybe I'm over-thinking again.   :) 

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