Thursday, November 07, 2013

Morning Glory

Morning Glory, 6x6, oil on canvas.

I'm seeing a trend in my posting.  I post a few times, fall away, then start posting again.  Regardless of my posting frequencies, I continue to paint away. 

That said, my normal painting schedule was interrupted for the month of October as I dipped my toes into the pool of teaching.  I was fortunate for the opportunity to take on 2 very enthusiastic students.  It was as enlightening to me as I hope it was to them.  Teaching, it seams, re-enforces the lessons back onto the teacher. 

It was intended to be a "workshop" style experience but we added several extra classes just for grins consuming most of October. It was a good experience, to say the least.  But now it's over.

Now it's time to get back to some serious painting - and posting - again.  I have several events I want to paint for and so many ideas floating around in my head I can hardly wait to get back into the game full time!

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