Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Morning Sun

Morning Sun, 8x6, oil on canvas.

It appears my husband is a cow collector.  He buys a few.  They have babies.  He decides to dump the 'herd'.  Then, as they are trailering down the road, he is already on craigslist making yet another transaction deal for more cows. 

Our newest cows were show cows and were BEAUTIFUL.  As far as cows go.  Sadly, and for the first time on our farm, we lost both babies before the cows even started to show (for the record, cows always look pregnant to me).  So we brought in a bull for round 2.  Bingo!  Last spring we had a set of twins and a single.  But sad to say, all heifers.  Bummer for us because we needed a steer for the freezer.  We did a little bovine trading and now have a handsome bull. 

The painting above is one of the heifers from last summer.  She took a good picture so I couldn't resist the opportunity to paint her. 

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Anonymous said...

What a great painting of a Hereford heifer! My grandparents raised Herefords and I always thought they had the prettiest calves! Second cutest, the Black Angus Hereford cross with the white faces.