Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Brush With Portraits

Blake, 8x8, oil on canvas.
Thanksgiving, 2013.   This is Blake as I know him.  Lighthearted, compassionate and at times a little goofy. 

I have a curious need to paint portraits now.  I'm not sure where that is coming from but it's not going away so I'm going for it.  Bear with me while I get my bearings on this difficult new genre. 

I guess it's similar to painting still life in that you paint what you see but I'm finding it does help to know a little bit about anatomy - which I don't - but I'm discovering as I go along.  For instance, why doesn't the mouth look right??  Because of subtle plane changes around the muzzle that I didn't consider.  Kind of makes a difference.  Especially if the plane is going in the wrong direction.  Yikes. 

And of course I didn't start with a standard, out of the box, straight forward pose.  This pose defies some of the standard proportions I've read about so I did a little eyeballing.  Speaking of which, (the eyeballs) are a little larger than life but kind of helps the overall expression, don't you think?

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