Thursday, January 15, 2015


Daisies, 8x8, Oil on Canvas, Click to Bid

So there I am in my studio wondering what to paint, what to paint.... And I come across some photos I took of daisies. I'm thinking, hmm.. these look fun.. and relatively simple.. I think I'll add a dark, atmospheric background for mood though. And I think perhaps waft some of that atmosphere across the petals. 
And now, dancing between light and dark, warm and cool, I found myself in some murky waters trying to balance the direction of the light, the direction of the composition and the planes in which the petals fall.
I turned my "relatively simple" project into a complex equation fit for an MIT student, or so it felt. Yikes.

I thought it was done three times before finally signing it. But to be honest, I actually like challenges like this - when I really have to pick my own brain. It's rewarding to see how minor changes can make big differences!

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