Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Rainier, 12x12, Oil on Canvas, Buy with PayPal

I painted this last year - twice - but wrestled with a few areas since my focus at the time was still life. It was done from a photo which presented some problems of flatness and silhouettes that I had to enhance with memory. This is a view from my driveway but since snow is few and far between and this is a sunrise painting, I would have few opportunities to study the actual landscape in this particular climate setting. So there it was in my studio for a year until I felt I had done enough trees to experiment again with it.

Relatively few changes were needed in my opinion but I think they made all the difference. I really love the way it changes as the light in my house changes. I thought about using luminescent paint but I dont think it needs any help at all in this respect. Really, if it's not broken... right?

I almost hate to see it go and may just change my mind, frame it and keep it myself.

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