Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mixed Company

Mixed Company 8x10 oil on canvas. Painting on an 8x10 feels like painting a house after painting on minis all summer! Sooooo muuuuuch caaaannnvas! But it's all good.

The weather has been so incredibly beautiful here in the Pacific Northwest the last few days it's almost sinful to be inside painting! I finally forced myself pull my pumpkins BEFORE heading out to the studio and just in time as some were starting to get soft stems! :( No prob though. I grow Snack Jacks for the naked seeds. I have 2 (TWO) LARGE wheelbarrows full sprawled out in my back yard where I sprayed them all off with the hose and let the sunshine and soft breeze dry them. Next step is painting them then harvesting the seeds! :)

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