Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Plums & Blackberries


Plums & Blackberries 6x6 oil on canvas. This painting is sold but I wanted it in my blog sooo... here it is. Likely the only painting of blackberries this year unless I get out there and do one today. The berries are all but dried up or eaten by the birds. Sadly, I never got out to pick this year for this winters indulgence. Clearly a case of procrastination. That said, I'm taking bites out of my 'to do' list and feeling rather good about it! :) I encourage you to take bites if you suffer from the afore mentioned affliction. It's like my sister said to me when we were teenagers, " How do you eat an elephant? One bit at a time." I never forgot that. Thanks Jennie. Your little pearls of wisdom got me over some tough mountains but then it also gave me permission to dally a bit.
Today: I shall chip away at my daily assignments. What gets done, gets done. As long as I'm chipping, it's all good. :)


Kathy said...

And I am the proud owner of this painting. I just love it. It is a real gem. I have it in my studio on my desk by my computer. It is so lovely...This is the second original oil painting that I own. To a watercolorist...oils, is a four letter word. It found a happy home and I send you a million Thanks!!! Take it easel,

Lori Twiggs Original Oil Paintings said...

I had to laugh at your comment Kathy! As it is, OILS is a 4 letter word to an oil painter too!!
Take it easel!?! I'm going to have to use that with your permission! It's good to start the day with a smile! :)